I know this is old news but I recently found out about this collection through a good friend of mine. This is Ladurée's new make up collaboration with Japanese make up brand Albion. It has a similar concept to the Jill Stuart collection in Japan but this looks so much more desirable, don't you think? What I like best about this collection is the "Face Color Rose Petal" which is a blusher made out of rose petals. It is almost like Guerlain's meteorites powder pearls but perfected to a whole new level. This is amazing! Hope to get it when it gets released in the states.


Photography : Zeus Z.
Model: Felicia.L
Just the right balance of colors. Patterns speak louder than words. I adore it.


Prada Sunnies

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Absolutely gorgeous. I would love one (:


Louis Vuitton New Floating Store in Singapore


I miss Singapore. Just one month away from home and this new thing popped up. Isn't it amazing? I'm not a huge fan of LV but I look forward to visiting this store.

Balmain Spring 2012

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Balmain's Spring 2012 Collection is amazing. Look at those body hugging shorts, skirts and the pattern!


Ann Taylor in Red

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I'm really digging this bag. I've never shopped at Ann Taylor and I'm surprised to see such a simple and chic bag like this. It's like a combination of a messenger and a box bag. Though I have to say I already have something similar to this.

CÉLINE in Burgundy

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