Uni Sashimi Bar

Uni, Quail Egg, Osetra Caviar, Chives
Amadai (Japanese Tilefish) with smoke labne, rekkyo, shallot marmalade and mentaiko
Chirashi (chef's choice exotic sashimi with pickled vegetables)
Poke (yellowfin tuna) with sweet onions, sesame, seaweed and pickled mung beans
Mandarin Caramel: Coconut Noodles and Aloe Ice cubes
Passionfruit tart: litchi sorbet and coffee crumble
Uni Sashimi Bar, one of Chef Ken Oringer's restaurants at the Eliot Hotel provides a whole different atmosphere as compared to its neighbor, Clio. Service was great, I liked it especially when they explain your dish while serving you. I went for the restaurant week menu but couldn't resist the a la carte menu and boy I didn't regret it. The Uni Spoon, Uni with osetra caviar, quail egg and chives, sounds too delicious to miss. Even though priced at $16 per spoon, it was worth every dollar. The chef recommended taking it all at once for full enjoyment and wow it was orgasmic.

The first course ranged between the Amadai and Poke. Amadai was done great, it was surprisingly sweet and refreshing. The Poke which is essentially Tuna Tartare was a disappointment, I felt like it was just any ordinary tuna tartare, nothing special to it. However, the chef immediately won me back with his Chirashi. It is no ordinary Chirashi, none of those vinegary sushi rice, no wasabi or soy sauce needed. The sashimi with the pickled vegetables tasted well together and even better with the slightly flavored rice. Love it. 

Lastly, dessert was a great disappointment for me. The coconut noodles did look interesting and new to me but tasted alright. I definitely had better desserts elsewhere. Overall a great restaurant, but probably better if we went outside of restaurant week.

Uni Sashimi Bar
370 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

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Market By Jean Georges

Black Truffle Pizza with Fontina Cheese
Slowly Cooked Salmon, Mashed potatoes, Some Greens with Truffle Vinaigrette
Tuna Tartare, Avocado and Beets with Ginger/Yuzu Dressing
Steamed Shrimp Salad, Avocado in Champagne Dressing
Strawberry Rhubarb

Chocolate Mousse
Market By Jean Georges is sort of my go-to restaurant whenever I feel like fine dining without the price tag. Even without the restaurant week menu, the restaurant offers regular prix fixe 3 course lunch for $22. I personally think they make the best tuna tartare as compared to most of the other restaurants. The key is its dressing. Ginger and Yuzu dressing brings out the slightly spicy and sour taste which contrasts greatly with the softness of the tuna tartare and the avocado. This asian fusion dish is exactly what Jean Georges is good at.

The black truffle pizza looks and sounds good but was an ultimate disappointment. It was almost impossible to taste the truffle. Considering how strong truffle smells like, it almost seems like there was none put on it. Perhaps I went on a bad day for that. 

My favorite of this restaurant is the Steamed Shrimp Salad. I'm usually not a big fan of salads but this shrimp salad proved me wrong. I don't really know how to describe it but all the ingredients were so fresh, it was amazing. Everyone should definitely try this out. I guarantee that you will have no regrets doing so.

100 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116-4715
(617) 310-6790
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Spring Trench

by thesartorialist


Africa with Love

A friend of mine made this stop motion video. It's too cool. Enjoy.

So Africa with Love is a valentines day special event IFGF Beverly Hills held. People who attend the church recreated or redesigned TOMS shoes for charitable purposes.

All photos by Julian Latif

Aren't they gorgeous? I can't get over how spectacular those designs are. And the best thing is, it's for a great cause!

Sorellina, Boston

Best Bread Ever. 
Rock Shrimp Risotto in Black Truffle Butter
Honey Glazed Salmon with chickpeas and wild oyster mushrooms
Best Italian restaurant in Boston. Its bread is amazing. It was warm, crispy and soft every time they served it. One plate at a time. I loved the high ceilings and classy ambience. It is romantic enough for dates, elaborate for celebratory occasions. Definitely worth going again. I don't really have to go into details for the food. It is as good as it sounds or even better. 

1 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 412-4600

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Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011/12

by jakandjil
Jack and Lazaro are such geniuses. Their color coordination is simply perfect, catches the eye but not overboard.

Zara Spring/Summer 2011

by nitrolicious
Pink/black two-tone blazer! That totally caught my eye. Hope to see some of these new stuff soon.

Combat Boots

by whowhatwear
Gotta love combat boots. It adds such a great contrast to anything you wear. My favorite combat boots : Doc Martens. So affordable and durable.


Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Winged Ballet Flats

by highsnobette
This is so cute! Check this out for other colors.

Milan Fashion Week 2011

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La Mode Outre

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A blog I recently chanced upon is Singapore's answer to The Sartorialist. I don't think it's anywhere comparable to The Sartorialist but this is one of the photographs that caught my eye. Singapore's catching up on style. =)