Sorellina, Boston

Best Bread Ever. 
Rock Shrimp Risotto in Black Truffle Butter
Honey Glazed Salmon with chickpeas and wild oyster mushrooms
Best Italian restaurant in Boston. Its bread is amazing. It was warm, crispy and soft every time they served it. One plate at a time. I loved the high ceilings and classy ambience. It is romantic enough for dates, elaborate for celebratory occasions. Definitely worth going again. I don't really have to go into details for the food. It is as good as it sounds or even better. 

1 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 412-4600

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  1. I was here couple years ago and remember the food was alright and overpriced =S...

  2. maybe it got better? their bread was really good, i think i would go back just for the bread.

  3. one of my favorites in Boston as well.. julie you may have gone on a bad night? i go often. also love dueave :)