Nobu New York

Nobu New York

Omakase "Chef's choice" starts here.
Toro Tartare with caviar in wasabi soy sauce

Hamachi sashimi with spinach in sesame ponzu sauce

Maguro/Hamachi salad with Matsuhisa Dressing

Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy cheese mayo sauce

The legendary Black Cod Miso

Assorted Sashimi

Homemade green tea icecream with Warm Chocolate Cake in Bento Box
Nobu New York, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. I got the $120 Omakase menu here and I must say it was definitely worth it. The food wasn't overpowering in taste. They were light in taste yet flavorful at the same time. Texture was awesome too. One of my favorites here is the matsuhisa dressing. It's a little citrus-y salty and a little pepper-ish? It's perfect. I would've ordered a bottle of that if I could. The rest of the food were up to standard. You know when you walk into restaurants like this and you kinda expect their food to be of a certain standard and I'd say their food passed or surpassed my expectations. Well, if you think the omakase is a little too pricey, the a la carte menu isn't too bad either. Just make sure you order the black cod miso because Nobu makes it best. The cod is so fresh. It's cooked just right, not too juicy, not too dry with a rich miso taste. It's lovely. Lastly, if you're a chocolate lover, you have to try the warm chocolate cake. The warm chocolate oozes out like chocolate lava. It's bittersweet and together with the green tea icecream, it's just absolutely delicious.

Check out Nobu at http://www.noburestaurants.com/
They've so many different locations. I'd say the food quality is pretty much consistent throughout. I've been to Nobu London and it was amazingly good too. I'll do a feature on that sometime later. 

Well then, this probably is my last post for 2010. Happy new year everyone! 2011 will be a great year =)


  1. I saw a Nobu in Dubai too! Hopefully I can go to the London one before I leave. :D

  2. i'll do a post on nobu london soon. you'll see what i mean. =)