Uni Sashimi Bar

Uni, Quail Egg, Osetra Caviar, Chives
Amadai (Japanese Tilefish) with smoke labne, rekkyo, shallot marmalade and mentaiko
Chirashi (chef's choice exotic sashimi with pickled vegetables)
Poke (yellowfin tuna) with sweet onions, sesame, seaweed and pickled mung beans
Mandarin Caramel: Coconut Noodles and Aloe Ice cubes
Passionfruit tart: litchi sorbet and coffee crumble
Uni Sashimi Bar, one of Chef Ken Oringer's restaurants at the Eliot Hotel provides a whole different atmosphere as compared to its neighbor, Clio. Service was great, I liked it especially when they explain your dish while serving you. I went for the restaurant week menu but couldn't resist the a la carte menu and boy I didn't regret it. The Uni Spoon, Uni with osetra caviar, quail egg and chives, sounds too delicious to miss. Even though priced at $16 per spoon, it was worth every dollar. The chef recommended taking it all at once for full enjoyment and wow it was orgasmic.

The first course ranged between the Amadai and Poke. Amadai was done great, it was surprisingly sweet and refreshing. The Poke which is essentially Tuna Tartare was a disappointment, I felt like it was just any ordinary tuna tartare, nothing special to it. However, the chef immediately won me back with his Chirashi. It is no ordinary Chirashi, none of those vinegary sushi rice, no wasabi or soy sauce needed. The sashimi with the pickled vegetables tasted well together and even better with the slightly flavored rice. Love it. 

Lastly, dessert was a great disappointment for me. The coconut noodles did look interesting and new to me but tasted alright. I definitely had better desserts elsewhere. Overall a great restaurant, but probably better if we went outside of restaurant week.

Uni Sashimi Bar
370 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

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