Abbot Kinney #2

@Intellegentsia Entrance

After lunch, I would walk a block down to this modern-looking architecture style coffee bar called Intellegentsia Coffee Bar. I don't usually drink coffee just because I think I should stay away from it to stay healthy. I'm a green tea person as you can see from my blog title but the coffee here is so different and special that I couldn't help buying a cup just by walking into the store. It's not like your regular starbucks coffee aroma, it's something much more unique and actually tastes like real coffee. So, apart from the coffee, I love their interior. It's so unlike any coffee place, it's like an open concept where you can see what the baristas are doing, you could see how the coffee is being brewed. On the sides, they have shelves of tea or coffee equipments for sale and on the far back is where you can just relax with your cup of coffee. I didn't take a picture of the back but it's rather cool as in, apart from the bar far behind in the picture above, there is sort of an elevated concrete surface, about two levels. You would take a cushion from the side and sit wherever you want. Sort of like sitting on the MET steps. I love it.

1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd | Venice, CA 90291

walking along abbot kinney

cute area in a store
So this is sort of like something special about the stores in LA. I noticed they have a front store, then a middle resting area then another store at the back. I stumbled upon this cute store which sells cute, unique, modern everyday items imported from Japan. 

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