Abbot Kinney #3

@Jin Patisserie

High tea + Macaroons
Finally, the last stop. After chilling at Intellegentsia Coffee Bar, shopping or walking along Abbot Kinney, stop by Jin Patisserie for some good tea and macaroons. They have a huge selection and variations of green tea and other kinds of tea. On my first visit, I was really full from gjelina so I only ordered some macaroons. They were pretty good, the filling was just right, not too sweet but flavorful. I still think Ladurée has better macaroons though. Jin Patisserie's finger size sandwiches were amazingly delicious too. I had it on my second visit there. Overall, I thought the high tea platter was decent. You get a pot of your choice of tea, and mixture of sweet and salty snacks. They're not too heavy but a perfect size for a party of 5 girls. I didn't take a picture of the interior but it is a perfect place to chill and have a nice chat with your friends. And this puts an end to my day at Abbot Kinney. What an awesome area don't you think? =) 

1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd
VeniceCA 90291

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