The Ivy

tuna tartare

Lobster Ravioli

Seafood Risotto
The Ivy, known to be swarmed with paparazzi and celebrities, is the best restaurant in LA if you are craving for some Lobster Ravioli. I guarantee you that their lobster ravioli is the best of the best. I usually just get the lobster ravioli along with their delicious refreshing mint tea, but they decreased the portion this time round and so I shared a seafood risotto and a lobster ravioli with my friend. Their seafood risotto was surprisingly good, everything were fresh, tasted a little like the spanish paella but I enjoyed it. I love the tuna tartare, it has the lemony lime taste to it. Avocado created a different texture to it which was pleasing. Overall, a great place to dine. Food is perfect. Haven't found anything bad about it yet. The ambience is perfect indoors or outdoors. It is romantic enough for couples, soothing enough for casual dinners with friends, dressy enough for celebratory occasions. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in LA.

The Ivy
113 N Robertson Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90048
(310) 274-8303

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